PL79071 Pulsar 805 Laser IR Flashlight

PL79071_IMG_access_1000If you are looking for a quality tactical flashlight, then look no further than the Pulsar 805 Laser IR Flashlight. This top-of-the line flashlight offers a high-powered IR (infrared) illuminator with smooth power adjustment. Perhaps the best feature of this flashlight is the incredible viewing range, with its variable beam taking you from spot-light to flood-light, even in the darkest of conditions. Users of this tactical flashlight have compared the powerful illumination it emits as bright sunlight even in the darkest of nights! It is the perfect tool for detailed night searches or night hunting.

The Pulsar 805 Laser IR Flashlight is attachable to any night vision device with a Weaver rail or 1/4 inch socket. It is compact and lightweight, comes with a carrying case, and has a low battery indicator. It uses 2 AA batteries and does not use power from night vision devices.

Whether you are Law Enforcement, Military, or a hunter, the Pulsar 805 Laser IR Flashlight is high-powered tactical flashlight that offers unsurpassed illumination capabilities with quality precision.

Where there is no room for failure, choose DPX Gear

The DPx HEST™/F is an everyday-carry folding knife that can handle some of the toughest jobs you can throw at it. Designed by adventurer Robert Young Pelton and handmade by LionSTEEL® in Northern Italy, the knife is made with the most austere environments in mind. It’s a lightweight, super-rugged field tool that might just get you out of your next dangerous situation, wherever and whenever that may be.

The 3.67-inch blade is made of German D2 tool steel with a mil-spec phosphate coating. The steel has a Rockwell hardness of 60 and is known for its ability to maintain an edge and resist corrosion. The blade’s been polished and bead-blasted before coating and is easily sharpened using a whetstone or diamond sharpener. Please, NEVER use a grinder to sharpen any of our knives.

One side of the DPx HEST/F handle is scaled in American G10 polymer, an ultra-tough material that is unaffected by heat, humidity or freezing. Its high tensile strength and durability make it suitable for everything from electrical

equipment to rocket cases. It won’t melt (though it will char), it won’t conduct electricity, and it won’t absorb moisture.

The other side of the handle is one of the strongest titanium alloys on the market. The 6Al4V GR5 alloy-meaning 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, Grade 5-is used in surgical implants, turbine blades, and military aircraft fuselages. It’s not the hardest material on earth, but it’s some of the hardest you’ll find in commercial knives.

The DPx HEST/F also features LionSTEEL’s patented RotoBlock®, which locks the blade in the open position. The RotoBlock enhances the knife’s safety and reliability, and essentially makes your knife into a fixed blade. It takes mere seconds to engage, and we suggest you engage it every time the knife is used.

The knife has a low-profile pocket clip on the titanium side and a removable glass breaker on the butt. There’s a hex driver in the handle, which can be used with the knife either open or closed, and three gauges of wire strippers on the back of the blade. The wire strippers also serve as jimping. A bottle opener/prying notch in front of the wire  strippers may be used as a lashing point.

The DPx HEST/F comes with the Mr. DP™ skull tool that is used to adjust the pivot tension and replace the glass breaker with a flat screw (flat screw also included with the knife). The tool has an edged side that can also be used as a knife.

DPx Gear fully guarantees the DPx HEST/F against manufacturer’s defects for as long as you live. We think the knife will be around longer than you will, but if you intentionally abuse the knife-throw it, hammer on it, squeeze it in a vice-you’ll void the guarantee and you’re on your own. Otherwise, give it hell, and tell us how it fared.

Are you a fan of cop shows?

If you like to watch “In Plain Sight”, “Criminal Minds” or one of the many other cop shows on TV, then you’ve seen Viridian Green Laser in action. There’s always a scene in one of the shows where they’re looking for hostages and have to enter a dark warehouse with guns drawn, tactical lights lit and laser sights focused. For the next generation of lasers, go green, go Viridian.

Viridian has Smartlaser technology

Viridian Green Lasers are designed with the tactical personnel in mind. The green lasers offer the most versatility and functionality available on the market today. The Smartlaser technology includes four modes of operation. You can set your Viridian Green Laser to a constant beam, the low speed pulse (which is 5 pulses per second), the medium speed pulse ( which is 7 pulses per second) or the high speed pulse ( which is 10 pulses per second). Get the Viridian advantage!

Streamlight’s PolyStinger Flashlight

The Polystinger is just a little lighter than the original Stinger with all the same great features. What makes it different is the super tough, non-conductive nylon polymer housing with an easy to hold grip. It has a different feel but like the original Streamlight Stinger, it is super bright. With up to 15,000 candela peak beam intensity, it has an adjustable focus beam. It’s rechargeable and runs up to one hour on a single charge. At, in addition to Streamlight flashlights we also carry tactical flashlights from Blackhawk, Leupold, TerraLux, Inova and more. Email us your wish list and get the best prices available.

Big surprise for bad guys

Introducing the leanest, brightest and tightest X5L ever. Ramped up to evaporate darkness, subdue opponents and optimize a full-sized pistol like nothing else. The wait is finally over and Viridian Green Laser is now shipping out the newest X5L Generation 2 lasers to you. Check them out today and see what the buzz is all about.

Tactical flashlights

A tactical light is a flashlight used with a firearm to aid low light target identification and allows any marksman to simultaneously aim and illuminate the target. There are several different models and brands to choose from. Some have rechargeable batteries and other you plug in to recharge. Streamlight Flashlights are a popular brand of tactical flashlight along with Blackhawk and Nextorch. You may have even thought that Leupold only made binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes but the fact is that Leupold also makes a very nice LED flashlight. Streamlight, Blackhawk, Nextorch and Leupold flashlights and more are all available from

Operating your Viridian Green laser

You should first insert the CR2 lithium battery and close the battery door. Your Viridian slides onto your gun’s rail and smoothly integrates with your trigger guard for an excellent fit. To turn your Viridian on press either of the ambidextrous rubber tactile buttons and release. Pressing both buttons while your Viridian Green Laser is on will cycle through the four different modes of operation. Press both buttons and release each time to reach the next mode. Your Viridian will remember the mode selection for the next use. Pressing either button for more than three quarters of a second will activate your Viridian in momentary. Once you release the button, your Viridian will turn off.

Know your compass

Most of you probably own a compass and have it packed away in your survival backpack or in some type of wilderness kit. Many of you may never have been in the situation where you needed to depend on that compass to help you find your bearings and navigate in the wild. Most of the time when I’m out in the wilderness I’m in familiar territory and I don’t need a compass myself, but once in a while when I’m in an unfamiliar area it can be very helpful to have a compass. Make sure you understand how to use your compass before you venture too far into the woods.

When you need to magnify

If you’re a budding photographer or hunter or you just happen to have a house with a nice view and you’re looking for something a little more powerful than an average pair of binoculars for spotting stuff way off in the distance, you might want to consider something called a spotting scope.  Spotting scopes come in a variety of magnifications but they generally start around 15 or 16 times to around 60 times magnification. Whereas if you compare to binoculars, which are generally in the 7 to 12 times magnification range. So remember when working with the higher magnification you should use a spotting scope tripod to keep your spotting scope steady.