Dog Training Collars

All dog owners love their pets. They love them even more when they obey.  Isn’t it great to issue a command to your dog and they respond immediately because they love you unconditionally. One of the best ways I have found to train my dog is by using the training collars from Dogtra. Dogtra’s user-friendly e-collars are the best in the business for training your pet to hunt or even for K-9 police work.

The Dogtra 2300NCP is for both mild-mannered and stubborn dogs. Based in Torrance CA, Dogtra produces some of the finest e-collars in the world. Try one out on your pet and see why.

In addition to the Dogtra collars, we proudly offer dog training collars from Einstein E-Collars and Hawx Dog and Gun.

Hunting with Dogs in Maine

einstein e-collarDogs may be trained on fox, snowshoe hare, and raccoons from July 1st through the following March 31st. It is unlawful to use or possess a firearm, other than a pistol or a shotgun, loaded with blank ammunition, while training dogs on fox, snowshoe hare, or raccoons (except during the open hunting season on these species). Dogs may be used to hunt wild hares during the firearm season on deer.

Sporting dogs may be trained on wild birds (does not include wild turkey) at any time. The commissioner may authorize the use of firearms during such training to shoot and kill wild birds propagated or legally acquired by the permittee and possessed in accordance with the laws pertaining to breeders licenses.

You can get one for your neighbor’s dog

einstein e-collarThe Einstein BL-100 is the perfect solution for those dogs with the desire to over communicate. The BL-100 uses a proprietary type of stimulation used in medical devices used by Chiropractors and Doctors. Dogs don’t jerk their heads, as often seen with other no bark products. It is a humane and effective way to stop nuisance barking without undue stress on the dog.

Dogtra High Power Training Collars

Are you training a K-9 or police dog? Do you want to train your dog to go hunting with you? Is your favorite pet mild-mannered or just plain stubborn? It really doesn’t matter because Dogtra has the perfect solution for you. The 1900NCP 1/2 mile training e-collar.

If your dog is rambunctious or likes to jump on people, no problem. If you just want to have your dog stay in the yard, no problem. If you want to teach your pet all of the commands , you can do that. Start your dog on the Dogtra training system and you won’t believe the results.

How to stop your dog from barking when you’re not home

Dogs will bark for a variety of reasons. They’re either sounding the alarm because they see a stranger, or they are scared or maybe they no longer like being left outside and they want to come in. Certainly your neighbors would appreciate it if your dog didn’t bark all of the time. There is one way to train your dog not to bark and that is with a Dogtra No-Bark collar. The way it works is you set the level of intensity on the collar for your dog. When your dog barks just once while wearing the collar, the dog will get a nick and learn very quickly that their behavior is causing the nick to occur. Dogtra collars have been around for years and are user friendly.

You won’t believe the difference

I’ll never forget my dog Buddy. He was a Christmas puppy. Somebody got him as a gift and didn’t or couldn’t keep him so they dropped him off at the local fire station. Buddy was the only dog I owned with obedience issues. Had I known about Dogtra collars back then life would have been so much easier. Instead I took Buddy to weeks of obedience school at which he excelled nicely. There is still some training involved when using a Dogtra collar but  you ill love the instant results.

Does your dog control your life?

Does your dog steal food off of the kitchen counter? Does it bark for apparently no reason? Does it yank and pull on the leash while you take it for a walk? Does it not come when called? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a Dogtra training collar is for you. Dogtra collars has all the features you need. Dogtra collars patented exact-stim, stimulation control, offers an exact correction level for every dog’s temperament, without jumps in between levels.

How do you stop a barking dog?

It’s pretty simple really. Put a Dogtra No bark collar on your dog. While wearing the collar once your dog starts to bark he or she will feel a vibration. This is a warning that a “zap” is coming. If your dog continues to bark there will be the “correction zap”. This does not hurt the dog. The Dogtra collars come with a variety of intensity settings that provide a wide range of stimulation levels for any type of disposition.

Have You Seen My Dog?

If you have seen my dog I’m sure he was right where he was supposed to be. It wasn’t easy at first but as long as you remain consistent in your training efforts your best friend will respond beautifully.

Dogs are a creature of habit and they love to be in your company. There are some dogs that will excell at catching a Frisbee and others that alert you when your company pulls into the driveway. Barking is just their nature. However you can train them not to bark with an dog training collar.  They are easy to use and harmless to your pet.