Got the Juice?

I love the handiness of the Leatherman tools. Whenever I go on a hike or bike ride it’s just comforting to know that I have a handy tool ready to go. The Leatherman Juice comes with all the screwdriver tips you need plus pliers and a can opener. It even has the ability to attach to your backpack with a small carabiner.

Leatherman Skeletool – Now You’re Ready

Skeletool is a new departure for Leatherman in that it is meant to be a carry in your pocket, or belt loop, or carry on your vest or backpack type tool. Where most tools require that you carry them in a sheath, this Leatherman tool is meant to be carried like a pocket clip knife. The advantages of a Leatherman Skeletool is that it is a combination pocket knife and multi-tool all in one. There is no need to worry about the quality when purchasing Leatherman tools, they stand behind their products.

Get out the honey do list

I’ve been away form home for over three weeks. I can only imagine how long my honey do list is. Well it’s a good thing I own a handy Skeletool from Leatherman Tools. These multi-tools are so handy for just about every task you can imagine.  At we have a great selection of Gerber Gear tools and Leatherman tools.

Leatherman Juice CS4

The Leatherman Juice is jam packed full of 16 different tools all in one small package. It is great to have with you while you are working outside, out in your boat fishing or just do-it-yourself projects around the house. There are lots of multi-tools out on the market but it all started with Leatherman. The swiss army knife is the original multi-tool but is based more on a pocket knife format where as the Leatherman tools are based on a pliers type format.

Handyman, the handyman can

That’s right.If you’re looking for that list of projects to get done then you need yourself a handyman. If you’re like me you’ve got your own list of things that need to get done. Are you a handyman or do you prefer to stand back and watch somebody else to the work? Time is valuable and sometimes it’s just worth it just to pay somebody else.  Most professional handyman already have a van of common replacement parts and leatherman tools and such to get any job done and off of the “honey-do” list.

Have you seen the latest from Leatherman?

It’s called the Leatherman MUT (MUT stands for Military Utility Tool). Another quality product  made in the U.S.A. by Leatherman designed to maintain the AR15. Made with top quality components the Leatherman MUT is very well made with attention to detail. The Leatherman MUT has everything you need to accomplish your day’s work and maintain your field gear. Just another exceptional item from Leatherman Tools.

Is Leatherman the king of multi-tools?

In the world of online shopping we have so many choices. But when we are trying to get our handyman tasks done, finish up the honey-do list or if we are out in the woods camping, having the right multi-tool is an important choice. Leatherman tools are great. From the Leatherman Squirt to the Leatherman Skeletool to the popular Leatherman Surge Leatherman has all the features you need.

Leatherman Tools To The Rescue

Have you ever started to work on a handyman project and found that you needed a flat head screwdriver but all you had was a Phillips? Maybe you thought all you needed was your jack knife but what you really needed was a pair of pliers.

That’s where owning a Leatherman tool comes in handy. Leatherman is the ultimate in multi-tools. Whether you choose the popular Juice model or the Surge multi-tool, Leatherman tols are a must have.

You Deserve To Be Picky

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you know you don’t always have what you need at hand. Who wants to waste time going back and forth to the garage for tools? It’s the same way when you are out hunting or in the middle of a river fishing, you need to have the right knife or muli-tool with you for whatever the task may be.

Gerber knives are great knives for the picky hunter, fisherman or camper. The variety of styles, the quality of workmanship and the outstanding reputation put Gerber knives above the rest.

It all started with the Swiss Army Knife

Who knew back in 1897 when the Swiss army knife was invented that it would evolve to this? Who knew that Swiss army knives now would include a USB flash drive, a digital clock and an MP3 player?

Leatherman tools are also cutting edge. From the popular Juice to the multi-functional Skeletool, you won’t want to be without your Leatherman. Hunting, camping, fishing or just knocking items off your honey-do list, Leatherman will help you get the job done.