The legal alternative to dynamite fishing is…

The Humminbird 798C SI with side imaging. The side imaging sonar delivers picture-like images to help you quickly identify structure and fish. With Humminbird’s side imaging feature you can quickly identify the promising habitat. Humminbird Fish Finders make fishing so much easier and enjoyable.

Keep on truckin with Garmin dezl

Track and report your trips. Integrate Bluetooth technology to make hands free calls. The best feature has to be the grade data field that appears on the map that enables truckers to anticipate descents and ascents and shift accordingly. Purchase a Garmin dezl and get lifetime maps and traffic subscription updates for free.

Garmin Golf GPS

The Garmin Approach Golf GPS is a handheld waterproof touchscreen Golf GPS. One of the most difficult things about playing golf is figuring out how far you are away from the pin on any shot. Determining distance helps in club selection. Picking the right club is important to getting lower scores. At we carry a huge variety of Garmin GPS devices including the Garmin Approach G5.

Garmin eTrex Vista Handheld GPS is great for geocaching

The Garmin eTrex Vista comes with an altimeter that gives you a true bearing of where you are heading. It also comes with not only base maps but maps of the entire United States called Americas Recreational Basemap. You can also purchase additional maps for your Garmin eTrex Vista GPS. To geocache you will need to download latitude and longitude coordinates. You can use the included USB cord and plug into your personal computer. You’ll also want to setup geocaching on your Garmin GPS unit. It’s a pretty quick and easy setup. As always, have fun.

Where is my doggone dog?

Are you tired of searching for your hunting dog in the tall grass or dense under brush? You’ve spent hours training your dog for the hunt so let him do the work while you sit back and watch him on your Garmin GPS. Introducing the Garmin Astro Bundle. The Garmin GPS Astro Bundle comes complete with a dog collar transmitter and a bright color screen handheld device. Attach the collar and go!

Where do we go now?

As sung by Axl Rose, I wonder if he was lost when he wrote this song. As we were traveling up and down the Maine country side this weekend this song came on the radio. I kept looking at my Garmin GPS and I knew exactly where we were and where we were going. My wife also loves it when we travel and wants to find the nearest Dunkin Donuts for her favorite coffee.

Off to see the Bluebonnets

Seeing wildflowers in a natural landscape is a main reason why visitors flock to Fredericksburg Texas. One of the best views of the bluebonnet trails is the Willow City Loop. It follows a narrow winding road so please be sure to travel carefully. If you’re not too sure of how to get there simply plug in Willow City Loop into your Garmin GPS. It should take you just 13 miles north of Fredericksburg off of Route 16. In addition to the bluebonnets you will see other wildflowers including Indian paintbrush, coreopsis, fleabane, black-eyed Susan, phlox and surely some cactus.

I’d be lost without it

Years ago all you needed was a Rand McNally fold up map to help you get to where you wanted to go. Being able to find the map you needed was always a chore and then folding it backup nicely when you were done was another. Then if you were going cross country you needed the Big Map Book. Good luck reading the index without a magnifying glass. All those problems go away with a Garmin GPS. With a Garmin GPS not only will you know the step by step directions of how to get to where it is you are going but you will also know which lane you need to be in.

You’d Be Surprised How Many

Did you ever wonder or look and see how many different Garmin GPS devices there were on the market? There’s even a Garmin GPS you take with you when you go play golf. It helps the golfer determine how far they are away from the hole. Pretty cool huh?

The latest and greatest models are even more fancy than the ones that came out last year. Updated maps, built in mp3 players and weather alerts all make a Garmin GPS a must have before you go on your next trip.

Don’t You Hate It When You Hear “Recalculating”

I have to admit I would be lost without my Garmin. It’s like my microwave or cell phone. Before I had one I never needed it but now that I have one I can’t be without it.

It still takes some getting used to in some cities and on some highways. We’re really not supposed to be manipulating our GPS while we are driving are we?  Nevertheless having a Garmin GPS has saved me a lot of time and hassle when I visit strange cities. Even though when it says recalculating and I want to throw the Garmin out the window.