Wiley X Black OPS Eyewear

wiley xThe Wiley X Black OPS collection include models such as the Wiley X Revolvr, Wiley X Airborne and Wiley X Airrage. They’re called Black OPS because they are catagorized as covert protection. Essentially that includes high velocity impact protection and shatterproof lenses yet still have sunglasses that are stylish enough to be mistaken for every day sunglasses. The Wiley X Airborne and Airrage models come with a climate control facial cavity seal that helps keep the rain, wind and debris out of your eyes while traveling. At Lorsey.com we carry the complete line of Wiley X Sunglasses and Survival Optics Sunglasses.

New Styles From Wiley X

wiley xYou know you can trust Wiley X for eye wear made with the most durable and lightweight materials. The entire Wiley X line is ANSI rated. The newest addition to their Street Series this year are the Wiley X Static sunglasses. You can enjoy these with the pearl white frame and smoke grey lens or the matte black frame and polarized smoke green lens.

The new addition to their interchangeable lenses are the Wiley X Saint. These are available in the matte black. gloss black or gloss white frame and your choice of lenes include smoke grey or polarized smoke green.

Northwest Cedar Ski Rax

How many of us have come home from a weekend on the slopes and then just tossed our skis or snowboard in the corner of the garage? How much money did you spend on your Nordic equipment last year? Is that anyway to treat your investment?

Rax by Radically Inclined has the perfect storage solution for all of your ski equipment. They have ski racks for fat skis too and snowboards. These storage units will look real nice in your cabin, garage or condo.


Wiley X Sunglasses – High Velocity Protection

For more than two decades Wiley X has been a global leader in optical technology. Wiley X is a family and U.S. Veteran owned organization. You can be sure that all Wiley X styles are ANSI certified because they test and mark all of the frames, temples and lenses with the appropriate ANSI certification.

Wiley X sunglasses protect you with teir shatterproof frames and lenses. They may look pretty but they are tough as nails. Get your Wiley X sunglassestoday!

Skiing Down Memory Lane

Participating in winter weather sports was a huge part of my childhood in Connecticut. Even my elementary school had a ski club that would head out to the slopes every Friday after class let out. The last outing before winter break, the club took a weekend trip to ski in Vermont. Before the big trip, my parents upgraded some of my ski gear.

I remember being so excited to pick out a new turquoise ski jacket with matching pants, boots, and ski goggles. Being a little full of myself, as little kids are prone to be, I eagerly showed off my new swag to my friends on the bus ride up. My little friends and I spent all weekend out on the slopes, tiredly trudging into the lodge at the end of the day to sip on hot cocoa (with little marshmallows, of course) before bed. It was the perfect start of vacation and a memory that I still cherish.

Wiley X Sunglasses

Did you know that Wiley X Sunglasses are regularly issued to our U.S. Military? Wiley X Eyewear is a leading provider of safety glasses and ballistic eyewear. Wiley X offers the ultimate in eye protection from blowing dust, flying debris, driving rain and sun glare.

Not only are they stylish and durable, I like the way they feel so comfortable allowing me to speed down the ATV trail without having to worry about my eyes tearing up or getting poked by a stick. So if you’re shopping for a new pair of shades, why not give Wiley X Sunglasses a try? You won’t be disappointed.

The brand new models are now available

Made in the USA, Wiley X makes the sunglasses you can rely on with a quality you can depend on. Just released for 2012 are new models of climate control sunglasses such as the Wiley X Echo and Gravity, active  eyewear models are the Rush and Zen. You will love the new styles and as usual you can trust the quality you get with Wiley X sunglasses.

New products from Wiley X

Coming soon to Lorsey.com are the newest styles available from Wiley X. Whether it is the climate control glasses, Black Ops collection or just the active style sunglasses, we have them all. This time of year with the sun staying low all day it is so important to protect your eyes. Get the protection you need in thestyles you are looking for with Wiley X Sunglasses.

Are you looking for “Made in the USA”?

What is your activity? Do you like to ride a motorcycle? Then Wiley X has the perfect riding sunglasses for you. Do you like to shoot firearms at the range? Then Wiley X has ballistic eyewear to protect your eyes. Do you like to fish? Wiley X has several styles of polarized sunglasses that help eliminate the glare and allows you to see while you fish. Wiley X Sunglasses make the perfect gift.

What a combination

As I was doing some “window shopping” yesterday at the local Harley Davidson dealership, I must say I was not at all surprised to see they had a selection of Wiley X Sunglasses. What a perfect combination, Harley Davidson and Wiley X. Trying to ride without some eyewear is nearly impossible. The wind, dust, debris and insects can do damage to your eyes. Some Wiley X Sunglasses models have that built in climate control that fits snugly and comfortably against your face and helps keep out not only dust, wind and debris but rain as well.