Northwest Cedar Ski Rax

How many of us have come home from a weekend on the slopes and then just tossed our skis or snowboard in the corner of the garage? How much money did you spend on your Nordic equipment last year? Is that anyway to treat your investment?

Rax by Radically Inclined has the perfect storage solution for all of your ski equipment. They have ski racks for fat skis too and snowboards. These storage units will look real nice in your cabin, garage or condo.


Skiing Down Memory Lane

Participating in winter weather sports was a huge part of my childhood in Connecticut. Even my elementary school had a ski club that would head out to the slopes every Friday after class let out. The last outing before winter break, the club took a weekend trip to ski in Vermont. Before the big trip, my parents upgraded some of my ski gear.

I remember being so excited to pick out a new turquoise ski jacket with matching pants, boots, and ski goggles. Being a little full of myself, as little kids are prone to be, I eagerly showed off my new swag to my friends on the bus ride up. My little friends and I spent all weekend out on the slopes, tiredly trudging into the lodge at the end of the day to sip on hot cocoa (with little marshmallows, of course) before bed. It was the perfect start of vacation and a memory that I still cherish.

Skiing Trip Check List

Here is a simple checklist to use for gear, clothing and equipment before you head off to the slopes.


Ski Boots

Ski Goggles

Ski Poles



The helmet is optional but recommended. Depending on the slopes degree of difficulty. You may also want to consider a bag or backpack to carry the smaller items. Remember to dress in layers. It is very important to have enough warm clothing to help prevent frost bite. At we have a nice selection of ski goggles, gloves and heated clothing to help you enjoy your next trip to the slopes.

You learn something new every day

Let me rephrase that, if you wish to grow as a person you should learn something every day. Silly me. I thought I was being creative when I suggested to my outdoor enthusiast customers to use ski goggles when they rode their ATV’s on the trails. Ski goggles aren’t just for skiing right? Little did I know that there are those people who wear ski goggles while they are inside. That’s right. They want to avoid the pain and nonstop tearing of the eyes while they chop onions, so they wear ski goggles to help with that. Problem solved! Who knew?

Got mud in your eye?

When I am just riding my ATV four wheeler around in the back woods on the trails I don’t think too much about eye protection. Until I hit the throttle that is. Cruising the trails at 20 – 30 m.p.h. and without eye protection my eyes will start to tear up. I haven’t been able to get the Wiley X climate control sunglasses in my prescription yet so until then I guess my ski goggles will have to do.

The chores never end

I hate cleaning the garage. It seems that the house is the first priority and everything we don’t want in the house but don’t want to throw away goes in the garage. Now what do I do with it? There are some items we would never store in the house anyway such as skis, snow shoes, ski goggles and assorted ATV gear. I just need a way to organize everything. Good thing the skis and snowboard have their own rack for storage. At least that’s a start.

Is skiing season over?

I guess it all depends on where you live. Here in Maine there may be a few trails still open way up north but I doubt that the skiing is any good.  If you can’t get enough skiing you can always go on a vacation to Colorado.They ski there year round. Just remember you will still need to protect your eyes from the sun and glare off of the snow with a nice pair of ski goggles.

Is the skiing season over

For those of us up here in the Northeast I would have to say it is. For us it is time to clean up our skis, ski goggles, bindings and poles and stow them away until next year. You paid a lot of money for your equipment so make sure you just don’t throw it in some dungy corner of your garage.

Raxx by Radically Inclined offer a variety of ski racks and snowbard racks. They even have a ski rack you can hang your ski goggles on. Your other option is to not put your ski away. You can pack them with your luggage and take off for Colorado where they ski year round.

Ski goggles are a must for eye protection

If you are an avid skier, snowboarder or snow sled user, you know exactly what I am talking about. Whether it’s the sun’s glare off of the ice and snow or the icy cold wind, you want to make sure you keep your eyes protected in these winter months while outside.

Survival Optics has been making leading technology eye protection for years.  If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase within 7 days, they will refund your money, no questions asked. Purchase with confidence knowing the ski goggles you are wearing are of the best quality available.