Foxpro to the rescue

foxpro game callsThe Foxpro Wildfire gives you a lot of bang for your buck with enhanced volume capabilities and 35 high quality Foxpro sounds and Foxbang technology. At the bottom of the Wildfire is a tripod mount. this mount is great for getting your caller off the ground and help maximize your remote calling capability.

The TX9 remote gives you full control of the Wildfire at your fingertips. It features a LCD display which shows you the title of the sound you are playing. Also, it displays the volume level you are operating at when you make a volume change. There are 10 volume steps, ranging from 1-10. The mute button not only mutes the sound, but acts as a pause feature also. When you un-mute the sound, it will start playing where it left off, rather than starting over. If you make changes to the sounds on the Wildfire, you can upload the sound list to the TX9 by use of the upload jack located on the side of the transmitter. The TX9 remote operates off a single 9V alkaline battery, with run times of 100+ hours.

Wild Turkey Hunting Prohibitions in Maine

No person may

  1. Employ the use of  dog or dogs in any manner while hunting turkey except during the fall season.
  2. Engage in an organized drive of any manner.
  3. Use bait; or
  4. Use a trap or other device intended or designed to capture or ensnare wild turkeys.
  • No person may present a wild turkey for registration, or allow to be registered in his or her name, any wild turkey which he/she did not lawfully kill.
  • No person may possess any part or parts of a wild turkey unless each part is plainly labeled with the name and address of the person who registered the turkey, and the year it was registered.
  • It is illegal to buy, sell (or offer for sale or barter) any wild turkey (except the plumage of legally taken turkeys), or to counsel or otherwise aid in buying, selling or offering for sale or barter any wild turkey, except the plumage.
  • Except as otherwise allowed (spring season) it is unlawful for the holder of a wild turkey hunting permit to hunt wild turkeys after having killed or registered a wild turkey during any open season of that calendar year. A second Spring Wild Turkey permit may be purchased that allows the take of an additional turkey.
  • It shall be unlawful for the holder of a wild turkey hunting permit to hunt wild turkeys outside of the turkey hunting zone.

foxpro game calls

FOXPRO Shockwave Digital Game Call SW1

sounds_page_headerThe Foxpro Shockwave is different. It utilizes technology unlike any other game call. The growth and evolution of predator hunting has developed a predator hunter that demands more advanced features.The Shockwave Game call is the first unit ever to truly deliver to the hard core predator hunter and with it’s simplicity to use it’s also a great unit for the not so advanced predator hunter that’s wants to buy a unit that he can grow into.

Real Animal Sounds

sounds_page_headerAll animal sounds are not created equal. At FOXPRO®, they’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the absolute best quality sounds available because the better the sound, the better your hunt! And, no other call company is committed to continually updating and adding sounds like FOXPRO®.

Emotionally charged sounds perform better and elevate animal confidence

All FOXPRO® Sound Library sounds are recorded by a FOXPRO® team of sound experts. First and foremost, they are searching for emotionally charged call sounds that are far more likely to trigger a response. They settle for nothing less and are constantly striving to record even better sounds. If they do, the previous sound is eliminated, not added to the roster to make it appear larger. These emotional sounds also result in a more confident, more assured animal that is less wary as he comes to the call.

Superb spectral quality; Digital 24-bit audio

All FOXPRO® sounds also have to pass vigorous spectral quality tests. Exhaustive measures are taken in an attempt to achieve technical perfection and to minimize extraneous noise. All sounds in FOXPRO®’s Mark II Sound Library are the latest digital 24-bit audio which means unmatched quality and performance. Some say you do not need technical perfection to call in animals, and we agree. But, technically perfect sounds will result in a more confident, more assured animal that is far less wary and on edge as it comes close which is, obviously, a big advantage!

Hunting predators can be fun

foxpro game callsEspecially if you can lure them in with a Foxpro Game Call. For example, the Foxpro Spitfire Game Call comes preloaded with all the sounds you need to attract those pesky predators but you can even load up your own sounds including MP3 and WAV files. Hunting for predators has never been easier. Simply set up one of your Foxpro Game Calls, lay low and watch the games begin.

FoxPro Game Calls

Give predators the visual confirmation they need to charge your stand with a FoxPro Game Calls Jack Attack Decoy. The Jack Attack comes standard with two toppers, the bird topper which resembles a woodpecker and a jack topper which resembles a rodent or rabbit.

The Jack Attack decoy simulates two distressed animals which entice predators in close enough to your stand for you to make the shot. Think of the fun you will have when the unsuspecting game let their curiousity get the best of them.

Why not have some fun?

Everybody has their own preferred method of hunting. Some do the slow walk in the woods or pasture hoping the game will just appear in front of them. Others will sit in a tree stand or hunting blind, knowing by the recent rubs in the area that where they are is where some deer have been and may return. Foxpro Game Calls has what you need to bring excitement to your next hunt. Try the Foxpro Firestorm with it’s built in collection of sounds and bring the game to you.

What are you looking for in a game call?

Do you need portability, volume control or numerous features? If portability is what you need I suggest the Foxpro Scorpion, Spitfire, Firestorm or Fury. If extreme volume is important then the Foxpro Prairie Blaster is your game call choice. If numerous features are what you seek then you can do no wrong by choosing to purchase the Foxpro Fury or Prairie Blaster. Whatever your choice may be just know that Foxpro Game Calls are high performance game calls that will bring the predator to you.

Get some bang with your buck with Foxpro

The Foxpre Wildfire gives you a lot of bang for your buck with enhanced volume capabilities, thirty-five quality Foxpro sounds, an upgraded TX9 remote and Foxpro’s bang technology. The Foxpro Wildfire is easy to operate, is portable and is packed with features to help you gain the game calling edge to enhance your hunting experience. Check out Foxpro Game Calls today.

The Fury is designed for ease of use.

The Foxpro Fury takes predator calling to a whole new level. It’s rugged, lightweight design makes it extremely portable, easy to use and a must have tool in the field. The Foxpro Game Calls speakers deliver crisp, clear and realistic sounds. Each unit comes standard with a remote control.  Preloaded with 100’s of sounds. You will love it.