Is there a 9 point buck in your photo album?

Avid deer hunters know that these animals are very tough to sneak up on. You can sit quietly in the woods, in your favorite hunting blind or tree stand and wait for the deer to stroll by. It takes experience to know where the deer are, but one easy way to find out what animals are hiding out in your favorite woods is to set up a Moultrie Game Camera. The infrared cameras will not flash but still take pictures in the dark. The time and date stamp will tell you when your friends are visiting your area.

Moultrie helps you “Grow the hunt”

Moultrie Feeders has been around for over 30 years. They are known for being the number one deer feeder manufacturer in the country. They don’t just stop at making the best automatic fish feeders and deer feeders and game feeders, they are also known for their expertise in game cameras. At Rugged Outdoor Wear and More we carry the Moultrie Game Camera as well as an assortment of other game cameras. If it’s a feeder you are looking for, we can get those too. Send us an email for a price quote.

Plot Watcher Pro Scouting camera

The thing that’s unique about the Plot watcher is that unlike your typical scouting camera that needs an animal to wander by the sensor to take a picture, the Plot Watcher will actually take a photo every 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the setting you have it set at. It will then take all of the photos taken and turn them into a time lapse video. What’s advantageous about that is that it lengthens the amount of space you have to capture animals. At we have a great selection of game cameras including Moultrie Game Cameras, and other brands including Leupold, Day 6 Outdoors, Cuddeback and Bushnell.

Plotwatcher Pro has it’s advantages

Do you want to know exactly where to hunt without having to manually scout a location? The Plotwatcher Pro allows you to analyze your hunting spots. The Plotwatcher Pro HD Game Camera takes pictures every 5 to 10 seconds from dawn until dusk. Stop guessing where to hunt. At we have the best selection of game cameras including Moultrie Game Camera, Cuddeback and Primos.

Cuddeback Attack Game Camera

The new Cuddeback Attack Game Camera has all kinds of new features. These cameras are designed to pick up motion from side to side and is very easy to set up. The four D batteries should last you an entire season. The Cuddeback Attack can hold between 100 and 200 images without an SD Card. At we have an extensive selection of game cameras including Moultrie Game Camera, Predator and Leupold.

How to set up your game camera

The sensor technology in the head of the camera is often infrared, or detection of heat movement. Falling leaves, rain or moving tree branches should not set off the sensor. The sensor needs to detect a movement of heat different from the surrounding ambient heat. Pointing the camera north in the fall and winter is a good idea. It is a good habit to keep your game camera away from direct sunrises ans sunsets. Try not to set up the game camera over large areas and fields during the hot summer months as the sensor may detect shimmering heat waves. Stealth cam Prowler, Predator Trail Eye and Moultrie Game Camera are some of the popular choices offered at our online store

Hunting Trail Camera has it’s advantages

Hunting trail cameras, otherwise known as game cameras have many advantages. The images you can obtain are of high quality and the information they will give you is invaluable. The old style flash game cameras are still used for their long range picture taking ability as well as quality night photos. However there are those that feel that the flash will scare the game from coming by that location. Setting up multiple game cameras will give you a visual record of how the animals use your place. Moultrie Game Camera, Cuddeback and Leupold are among many of the popular choices of game cameras found at our store

Capture the moment

Protect, secure and watch. These are the functions of the Moultrie Game Camera. It’s a multi-functional surveillance camera. Anywhere surveillance is important, your driveway, your backyard or your back door. Moultrie Feeders has the game camera you need.

A Do-It-Yourself Hunting Channel

The moment of truth. It’s the instant a trophy buck finally shows himself, a flock of geese cups it’s wings and drops into the decoys or a coyote makes his move and closes in on your Foxpro Game Call. Capture these moments and many more with your  i-Kam Xtreme innovative video eyewear. Have your crossbow ready to fire and catch it all live to enjoy over and over again. Shooting high quality video just got as easy as wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Cuddeback Attack IR Game Camera

New design and new technology make the Cuddeback Attack game camera a must have. What’s new is called the centered subject technology. No longer will you just get photos of the nose or tail. The Cuddeback Attack centering technology will center the subject on every photo taken. The other thing that makes this game camera great is it’s lightning fast trigger speed at 1/4 sec. Amazing! In summary with it’s easy setup, centering technology, trigger speed and long battery life the new Cuddeback Attack game camera will give Moultrie Game Camera a run for their money.