The Kakadu is here.

kakadu aviatorThe Kakadu is here. Time to suit up, mate. Sleek, rugged, and warm. Brought to your outback by Kakadu Traders Australia. We’ve been making Kakadu since 1972.The outer lining is soft, made with 100 percent cotton, so you won’t overheat, but inside its lined with nylon to regulate body temperature. An additional feature is a form of padding that I like to call body armor. Ya mate, you stay warmer while being protected from a kick to the midsection by a roo, or an angry co-worker! Seriously, no working man will deny that Kakadu has got you covered. And Kakadu is stylish. Mine is kangaroo brown with a black inner liner. Four zippers on the inside provide ample pocket space to tote essentials, everything from that big burger to a monkey wrench. A velcro patch on the inside opens up a large pouch allowing transport of those needed blueprints, or the daily newspaper. An exterior zipper at top left chest and two lower pockets on the left and right provide even more storage, making the Kakadu Aviator a utility jacket every person needs.

Men’s Canvas Western Jackets

kakadu jacket

kakadu jacket

By now you’ve heard about Kakadu Traders Australia and their line of men’s canvas western jackets. Their Gold Coast and Pilbara jackets are so popular we can’t keep them in stock. What you probably didn’t know is they produce a nice line of oilskin coats and jackets as well.

The oilskin canvas material dates back to the old lighthouse keeper days. They needed something to protect them from the wind and the rain. Kakadu’s oilskin canvas is not only waterproof and windproof but it is also fully breathable too.

Dri Duck Heavyweight Power Fleece Jacket

dri duck power fleeceWe gave these for Christmas gifts this year. I even kept a couple of them for myself. It is so warm and comfortable with it’s textured thermal cloth lining. There is nothing like a cozy hoodie to go outside in. It also features. I love the handy dandy cell phone holder inside pocket too! From work wear to casual wear, Dri Duck goes the extra mile.

Kakadu Traders Kelly Concealment Vest

Ever since Kakadu Traders Australia introduced their new Kelly concealment vest they have been selling like hot cakes. No longer do you have to strap on an uncomfortable leather holster around your waist or over your shoulder.  With the Kelly concealment vest you can comfortably ride your motorcycle and carry without having to worry about sitting on your gun.

Made in a tough western style with Gunn-Worn canvas the Kakadu Kelly concealment vest is built to last. Whether you are left handed or right handed, it doesn’t matter. Concealment facilities are built in on either side. You can count on the rugged outdoor wear from Kakadu clothing.

We have most sizes available in colors black, tobacco, espresso and mustard.

Elegant but sturdy, Quality but Affordable is the Tale of Kakadu Double Bay Bomber Jacket

double bayI love bomber jackets, and I’m always looking for unique and elegant designs. A bomber jacket must not only be strong but also be an appealing piece of fashion. One jacket that meets this requirement is the Kakadu Double Bay Bomber Jacket. This jacket is inspired by years of working with the traditional oilskin canvas as it was used in the Kakadu area of Australia.
It is a mark of the beautiful interplay between creative cloth designing, a focus on quality fabric, and expertise tailoring. You are then guaranteed a well-built and full fitting jacket that is a match for the indoors and the outdoors. With a body made from the finest Gunn worn canvas, a sturdy collar, and rib knitted cuffs the Kakadu Double Bay Bomber Jacket easily withstands the elements. Do not worry though because its brushed cotton plaid lining will be gentle on you.
Many jackets in the market are usually too light or too heavy on you. This means that in a place where there may be weather fluctuations, you’re left feeling either too hot or unprotected from the cold. Not so for this amazing jacket. The Gunn worn canvas exterior keeps away water while the plaid lining keeps you warm.
On the technical level, one thing that a jacket must have is enough pocket space. With two hand pockets and an extra map pocket, the Double Bay Bomber is a real winner. You will never lack the space for your must-carry pocket items.
We all are used to quality coming at expensive and many a times exorbitant pricing and perhaps you are thinking of the damage a jacket of such quality may leave your wallet. I had the same question until I checked their website and was blown away with the incredible prices and the free shipping discounts, not just on the bomber jacket but also on an array of unique and exceptional looking and elegant items.
You won’t need to rob a bank to get this excellent Double Bay Bomber Jacket from Kakadu, and that is for sure.

Where is my pain relief?

heated back braceSome mornings when I get up I am reminded of the fact that I’m getting old. I haven’t been diagnosed with arthritis yet but I can’t help but know it is on the way. Heat therapy is one of the methods I use to control my aches and pains. The heat will dilate my blood vessels and allow the good blood to travel to the pained area giving me some comfort. There are all sorts of heat therapy items available for most body parts. I even like to wear a heated vest when scooting around on my bike or four wheeler.

The heated back brace shown here comes in handy while sitting in the stands watching high school football. It sure does keep the draft from going up my back.

The benefits of heat therapy

venture heatThere is no doubt that heat therapy can relieve stiffness and improve circulation. The heat just feels good when applied to specific parts of the body where the aches and pains occur. The very same technology that Venture Heat uses for their heat therapy products is also used for their heated vest, jackets and gloves. Join the many who prefer warmth without the bulk.

Look out for the Flying Doctor!

I look at this hat and I am reminded of Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip. I can still picture the beagle plotting against his enemy the Red Baron while wearing this hat. The only thing missing are his Sopwith Camel and goggles.

The folks at Kakadu Tradershave hit a home run with this one. The Kakadu Flying Doctors hat, with it’s unique style and design was a very popular item during Christmas and is sure to be a favorite for years to come. We love Kakadu hats.

Extend your riding season

venture heatThe 12 volt heated vest for men from Venture Heated Clothing comes with a battery harness, built in fuse and temperature controller. Venture Heat features revolutionary micro alloy heating fibers that do away with cables and coils running through the vest. The heating panels are pliable and flexible and fit naturally inside the vest without you even noticing them. The heating panels are carefully positioned on the front, back and collar of the vest to speed up the body’s circulation and speed up the heating process.  At we carry the entire line of heated clothing items available from Venture Heat including women’s and mens vest, gloves, jackets as well as heat therapy items for you back, shoulder and knee.

Hey Football Fans

freezer bowlThis is a football story you are going to love and probably remember. But this story proves sports fans have something clinically wrong with them.

Just look at the picture!

In January 1982 the San Diego Chargers played in Cincinnati, Ohio to decide who would go to the Super Bowl. Typically warm weather teams are pretty bad in cold weather. But this weather wasn’t just cold…

It was -59 degrees below freezing!

The frost and wind chill got so bad that people in the stands had to sit on the bathroom floors and put paper towels between the multiple layers of socks they had on.

One quarter back had (and this is true) icicles hanging off his beard. So they same plastic icicles people put on their Christmas trees hung from this poor guy’s whiskers.

That was the Freezer Bowl and guess what?

This February the Super Bowl is going to be played (drumroll please)….in New Jersey outdoors!

If you are looking for a great winter glove, then you are going to want to check out these Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Gloves. Just as the name implies, these heated gloves provide epic performance by keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

Powered by a pair of lightweight lithium ion batteries, these heated gloves will provide active heat for up to 5 straight hours. For even greater comfort, these gloves feature a built-in temperature controller so that you adjust the heat levels with just the touch of a button.

As an added bonus, the fingertips include touchscreen capabilities so that you can use your phone or tablet without even having to take the glove off.bx905-large