Watson AirLock Camo Carrier

While Watson AirLock bags are designed for hunters they are great for travelers, too.  Imagine opening your bag at your destination and your clothing is as fresh and scent free as when you packed them in it.  Watson AirLock bags hold a lot and their adjustability means they are great for a weekend getaway through an extended trip. Scent blocking technology, water resistant, abrasion resistant, the best quality fabric, zippers and webbing means a bag you will come to rely on.  Get yours now. CC_Straight_MO_ORANGE

What do you look for in a backpack?

kakadu backpackI’ve had my Kakadu backpack for over eight years and I use it everyday. I love the many different pockets and the rugged look.

My Kakadu backpack owes me nothing. It has taken a lot of abuse and still holds up but I am replacing it with a new Kakadu backpack. These have not been available for quite some time so I was very pleased when I was able to grab a few for me and my customers.

One of the things about my old Kakadu backpack I noticed that needed repair was the canvas strap handle at the top of the bag. Lo and behold, Kakadu read my mind. The new Kakadu backpacks now come with a nice slice of leather trim sewn into the handle to add strength and reinforce the handle. I love the upgrade. Good job Kakadu!


The benefits of heat therapy

venture heatThere is no doubt that heat therapy can relieve stiffness and improve circulation. The heat just feels good when applied to specific parts of the body where the aches and pains occur. The very same technology that Venture Heat uses for their heat therapy products is also used for their heated vest, jackets and gloves. Join the many who prefer warmth without the bulk.

Dog Training Collars

All dog owners love their pets. They love them even more when they obey.  Isn’t it great to issue a command to your dog and they respond immediately because they love you unconditionally. One of the best ways I have found to train my dog is by using the training collars from Dogtra. Dogtra’s user-friendly e-collars are the best in the business for training your pet to hunt or even for K-9 police work.

The Dogtra 2300NCP is for both mild-mannered and stubborn dogs. Based in Torrance CA, Dogtra produces some of the finest e-collars in the world. Try one out on your pet and see why.

In addition to the Dogtra collars, we proudly offer dog training collars from Einstein E-Collars and Hawx Dog and Gun.

Golfing in Oklahoma

myMet_v4Yes people do play golf in Oklahoma. There are golf courses everywhere. The question is how do you manage the wind? If you’ve never been to Oklahoma, trust me it’s windy there. If you want to play golf in Oklahoma then you need to learn how to play in the wind. You need to know wind direction and wind speed. Keep it simple. Try out WeatherHawk Wind Meters to help you make all of your golf shot making decisions.

WeatherHawk Pocket Wind Meter

sm-28 skymasterWind meters have a multitude of uses when you are outdoors and one of them is sailboat racing. How important do you think it is to know wind speed and wind direction while in the middle of a sailboat race? The Weatherhawk Wind Meters are easy to use and very reasonably priced. Calculate your headwind, tailwind and crosswind with a WeatherHawk Wind Meter.

Snugpak’s latest breakthrough in antibacterial technology

SnugpakSnugpak’s specialized antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment is on the outer and linings of all the Snugpak Travelpak bags and acts to discourage the growth of bacteria. This results in a reduction of odors and the need for regular laundering, ideal for prolonged tropical travel where temperatures may be high and facilities limited.

The Paratex base fabrics wicking properties and high breathability remain unaffected byb the bacteria busting treatments. The built in mosquito net which has been tried and tested in previous year’s in the Travelpak Traveler and Jungle bag sleeping bags has now been included in the rest of the Travelpak series. this “ingenious roll away when not in required” solution provides a natural way to protect yourself from insects. It is even possible to seal the sleeping bag when not in use to ensure you don’t have any creepy crawly company later that evening.

Are you tired of shoveling yet?

heated vestI know I am. If I had to pay somebody to plow me out I would be broke. Two weeks ago I had the nerve to take the plow off of my truck so clearly I am to blame fo the last two feet of snow we just got.

The good news is there will be plenty of snow for the ski areas to enjoy a great season of skiing and snowboarding. Cross country skiers and snow mobilers too will have plenty of white stuff to play on.

If you want to enjoy even more time in the snow and cold without the chill, try on some heated clothing from Venture Heated Clothing. Venture Heat has some great new styles you will love!

I Need My Balaclava

Days like today I really appreciate having the right gear. We’re in the middle of another snowstorm and they are predicting the snow won’t stop until after it has dumped sixteen to twenty inches of cold fluffy white stuff in a twenty four hour period.

Traveling is a nightmare and you want to be prepared in case of an emergency. Don’t be caught out in the cold. Always keep a survival kit handy. In yoursurvival gear should be a fire starter, signal mirror and a saber cut saw. These items can help you survive even through your worst days.

Be prepared, it’s a no-brainer

Many of us enjoy a good adventure. It may be a simple walk in the woods or on the beach. For some of us it’s a climb to the top of a steep hill or mountain. The fact is no matter where you live or where your adventure takes you, you can never be too prepared. Who knows what Mother Nature has in store for you? You can plan ahead all you want but if you don’t have the right gear you may be in trouble.

To meet the demands of tree skiing or ice climbing you need to have the right climbing gear. From belay devices to helmets, body harnesses to pulleys, make sure you have the gear to stay safe.