Wishing instead of willing

Many people spend their time wishing they could be successful but just aren’t willing to do what it takes. I wish I could play the guitar but I’m just not willing to take the time to practice every day to do it. Such is not the case with the folks at Gerber. They didn’t sit around the table wishing they could make Gerber knives. In 1939 they were willing to start small with handmade cutlery sets and then things took off from there. Whether you are a camper, survivalist or just a knife collector you will love the knives available from Gerber Gear.

Got the Juice?

I love the handiness of the Leatherman tools. Whenever I go on a hike or bike ride it’s just comforting to know that I have a handy tool ready to go. The Leatherman Juice comes with all the screwdriver tips you need plus pliers and a can opener. It even has the ability to attach to your backpack with a small carabiner.

Gerber Back Paxe Axe

I think we’ve all been in situations where we were on a camp out or on a day hike and we had the need to use a little hatchet. Whether or not we need to cut up some kindling for a fire or clear off a trail and our Leatherman or our pocket knife just isn’t enough to do that. The Gerber Back Paxe Axe is perfect for these situations. The Gerber Back Paxe Axe is very well balanced, lightweight and compact. It also has a very comfortable feel in your hand when using it. At Lorsey.com we carry all of the Gerber knives, including the Gerber Back Paxe Axe and also the signature series odf tools by Bear Grylls. Check us out today.

Leatherman Skeletool – Now You’re Ready

Skeletool is a new departure for Leatherman in that it is meant to be a carry in your pocket, or belt loop, or carry on your vest or backpack type tool. Where most tools require that you carry them in a sheath, this Leatherman tool is meant to be carried like a pocket clip knife. The advantages of a Leatherman Skeletool is that it is a combination pocket knife and multi-tool all in one. There is no need to worry about the quality when purchasing Leatherman tools, they stand behind their products.

Bear Grylls knows survival

He has to. You’ve seen him on TV and all of the situations he gets himself into. That’s why the folks at Gerber Gear have developed a partnership with him to create a line of Gerber knives and survival kits with the Bear Grylls endorsement. The Ultimate kit comes with everything you need and hope to never have to.

Get out the honey do list

I’ve been away form home for over three weeks. I can only imagine how long my honey do list is. Well it’s a good thing I own a handy Skeletool from Leatherman Tools. These multi-tools are so handy for just about every task you can imagine.  At Lorsey.com we have a great selection of Gerber Gear tools and Leatherman tools.

Bear Grylls Parang Machete by Gerber

The Parang Machete comes with a nylon sheath. It’s got a nylon outside and a plastic liner inside. Inside the packaging a pocket survival guide is included. The Parang Machete has an angled blade which is ideal for cutting brush or tree limbs. It has a robust high carbon steel blade which enhances strength, corrosion resistance and ease to sharpen. Please check out all of the Bear Grylls tools by Gerber Gear and more Gerber knives at Lorsey.com

Leatherman Juice CS4

The Leatherman Juice is jam packed full of 16 different tools all in one small package. It is great to have with you while you are working outside, out in your boat fishing or just do-it-yourself projects around the house. There are lots of multi-tools out on the market but it all started with Leatherman. The swiss army knife is the original multi-tool but is based more on a pocket knife format where as the Leatherman tools are based on a pliers type format.

They call it “The Guppie”

Columbia River is proud to present “The Guppie”. The smallest multi-tool of it’s kind with so much to offer. The 2007 best buy of the year is sure to be your favorite new tool. It comes with a two inch carbon steel knife blade for cutting jobs, an adjustable wrench for small tasks. The Guppie travels with four screw bits, two flat head and two phillips head. Compare the Guppie to other multi-tools offered by Gerber knives or Leatherman.

Handyman, the handyman can

That’s right.If you’re looking for that list of projects to get done then you need yourself a handyman. If you’re like me you’ve got your own list of things that need to get done. Are you a handyman or do you prefer to stand back and watch somebody else to the work? Time is valuable and sometimes it’s just worth it just to pay somebody else.  Most professional handyman already have a van of common replacement parts and leatherman tools and such to get any job done and off of the “honey-do” list.