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engThe Body by Vi Challenge has become the fastest growing health movement in North America, with over 150,000 new challengers joining every month!  Even more amazing, this has all been done with NO TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING!  The Challenge is going viral,  powered by people telling people about their results! ViSalus fuels this organic growth with an entire program of cash bonuses and other rewards for simply promoting the Challenge!

  • Get healthy & fit for free while you live your life
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Are there any Facebook shoppers out there?

outdoor clothingI know there are many folks who like to take pictures of their cats or their food and share it with all of their “friends” on Facebook. But I have an even better idea. It seems that there is always an event that requires a gift. Every year somebody gets married, buys a house or has a birthday or anniversary. These events require a gift but you don’t always know what to get them. So you go to a Facebook store like mine, – Rugged Outdoor Wear and More, find the product or gift you “like” and share. How easy is that? The great thing about our store is that you can check out on the spot. Your friends can’t go wrong by buying the gift you like and we can even ship it to their door for you.

What is my STAND for humanity?

Make A Difference In Time For The Holidays!

Join A Growing Community Of Leaders From All Over The World Who Are Taking A Stand To End Hunger… Starting Right In Our Own Backyard.

  • Nearly 20% of all children in America live in food insecure households
  • 22% of all children in America live below the poverty line
  • Poor nutrition effects school performance, brain development and overall health
  • Wherever you live, there are children within 25 miles of your city who have not eaten today

Take A Stand For Humanity Today!

In the United States, more than one out of six children do not know where they’ll find their next meal. For many Americans, hunger is a DAILY reality. Hunger is not confined to small pockets of society, certain areas of the country, or certain neighborhoods in your community, the reality is much different.

Today, millions of children are living in poverty and struggling with hunger all over America.  Food pantries are finding their cupboards empty before the end of the month and lack food to even supply most modest amount of life sustaining food to those who need it most every month.

When you choose a Happy Children Pack from ForeverGreen you are taking A Stand for Humanity and helping feed children in desperate situations right here in America!

Join My Stand For Humanity today and make

a huge difference in our goal to end hunger in America.

It’s Simple To Make A Difference…

  1. Choose The Happy Children Pack that honors your commitment to feeding the hungry
  2. Choose whether you want to pay now or month by month

Happy Children Packs are provided by ForeverGreen and include health education and raw, organic and clean whole food nutrition bars loaded with nuts, seeds, tubors and fruit.  They are a complete meal and complete nutrition for the body – protein, fiber and good fats.

I am asking that everyone join me in taking a STAND for at least a year.  When you think about it…that is just a blink of an eye for us but will make a huge difference for someone else.

Go here now to choose your commitment.

Happy Children Packs are here

Wow… our food donation program is now LIVE!! For $20, $30 or $50, you can feed hungry children and adults on an ongoing, monthly basis. What a wonderful way to give back!! If you would like to start donating, please INBOX me ASAP…or go to this link, Forever Green click Shop, your country and then Happy Children Pack. With the holidays right around the corner, time is of the essence and those hungry bellies need us! Much love to all!!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune defense properties of plants. Essential oils contain the oxygen molecules that transport nutrients to the cells of the body. They have a bio-electrical frequency that is several times greater than that of herbs or foods.

Essential oils are substances extracted from a single botanical source; they are 70 times more concentrated than what is found in plant form. Essential oils are taken from leaves, bark, peel flowers, etc.  We are proud to be partnered with Forever Green, a company that provides over 150 essential oils used for a healthy living

This stuff is so good.

I can’t stop eating it. We’ve been talking about eating healthy for years and now Forever Green makes it so easy. The Versativa Pulse Blueberry is my favorite. Each bag of Versativa Pulse contains 26 organic, clean raw foods. It is so delicious. I carry it with me in my backpack and grab a bite whenever I need a snack. Versativa Pulse is the highest quality food known to man.

Guess who is eating heathly?

Former President Bill Clinton is speaking out about his plant-based, heart-healthy diet, saying that he believes the vegan regimen is helping to reverse the damage to his heart and blood vessels caused by cardiovascular disease.  After his quadruple bypass surgery in 2004, Clinton changed his eating habits to lower his cholesterol. But when recently he had two stints put in to open his veins he decided to go one step further and adopt a more vegan lifestyle. When asked how he felt Clinton responded “I like the vegetables, the fruits, the beans, the stuff I eat now.”