Where is my pain relief?

heated back braceSome mornings when I get up I am reminded of the fact that I’m getting old. I haven’t been diagnosed with arthritis yet but I can’t help but know it is on the way. Heat therapy is one of the methods I use to control my aches and pains. The heat will dilate my blood vessels and allow the good blood to travel to the pained area giving me some comfort. There are all sorts of heat therapy items available for most body parts. I even like to wear a heated vest when scooting around on my bike or four wheeler.

The heated back brace shown here comes in handy while sitting in the stands watching high school football. It sure does keep the draft from going up my back.

The benefits of heat therapy

venture heatThere is no doubt that heat therapy can relieve stiffness and improve circulation. The heat just feels good when applied to specific parts of the body where the aches and pains occur. The very same technology that Venture Heat uses for their heat therapy products is also used for their heated vest, jackets and gloves. Join the many who prefer warmth without the bulk.

Extend your riding season

venture heatThe 12 volt heated vest for men from Venture Heated Clothing comes with a battery harness, built in fuse and temperature controller. Venture Heat features revolutionary micro alloy heating fibers that do away with cables and coils running through the vest. The heating panels are pliable and flexible and fit naturally inside the vest without you even noticing them. The heating panels are carefully positioned on the front, back and collar of the vest to speed up the body’s circulation and speed up the heating process.  At Lorsey.com we carry the entire line of heated clothing items available from Venture Heat including women’s and mens vest, gloves, jackets as well as heat therapy items for you back, shoulder and knee.

Hey Football Fans

freezer bowlThis is a football story you are going to love and probably remember. But this story proves sports fans have something clinically wrong with them.

Just look at the picture!

In January 1982 the San Diego Chargers played in Cincinnati, Ohio to decide who would go to the Super Bowl. Typically warm weather teams are pretty bad in cold weather. But this weather wasn’t just cold…

It was -59 degrees below freezing!

The frost and wind chill got so bad that people in the stands had to sit on the bathroom floors and put paper towels between the multiple layers of socks they had on.

One quarter back had (and this is true) icicles hanging off his beard. So they same plastic icicles people put on their Christmas trees hung from this poor guy’s whiskers.

That was the Freezer Bowl and guess what?

This February the Super Bowl is going to be played (drumroll please)….in New Jersey outdoors!

If you are looking for a great winter glove, then you are going to want to check out these Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Gloves. Just as the name implies, these heated gloves provide epic performance by keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

Powered by a pair of lightweight lithium ion batteries, these heated gloves will provide active heat for up to 5 straight hours. For even greater comfort, these gloves feature a built-in temperature controller so that you adjust the heat levels with just the touch of a button.

As an added bonus, the fingertips include touchscreen capabilities so that you can use your phone or tablet without even having to take the glove off.bx905-large

Get Unlimited Heat, Wireless Control – The Grand Touring Collection from Venture Heat


Extend Your Riding Season

Gear designed with the touring rider in mind
We may be in the middle of summer, but before you know it the weather turns cold and many riders shut down their touring season.

Now there’s a line of heated gear that will keep you on your bike with comfort and safety.

Introducing the new Grand Touring Collection line of heated gear featuring:

  • Unlimited heat through your vehicle’s battery
  • Wireless control from the safety of your handlebar
  • Connect all your 12V gear to make one solid suit of warmth


Are you tired of shoveling yet?

heated vestI know I am. If I had to pay somebody to plow me out I would be broke. Two weeks ago I had the nerve to take the plow off of my truck so clearly I am to blame fo the last two feet of snow we just got.

The good news is there will be plenty of snow for the ski areas to enjoy a great season of skiing and snowboarding. Cross country skiers and snow mobilers too will have plenty of white stuff to play on.

If you want to enjoy even more time in the snow and cold without the chill, try on some heated clothing from Venture Heated Clothing. Venture Heat has some great new styles you will love!

Stay warm even when it’s cold

You don’t have to shiver when you go outside. You can stay comfortably warm with the new Heated Under Garment from +Venture Heated Clothing. Powered by a rechargable lithium-ion battery the Heated Base Layer for men or women will keep you toasty warm for hours.

Enjoy all sorts of winter activties, late night skiing, snow sledding or even a late season motorcycle ride. The products from +Venture Heated Clothing  will provide soothing warmth all season long.

New from Venture Heated Clothing

Here’s a quick update on the newest jacket we have in stock from Venture Heated Clothing. Below are few bullet points on the jacket.  This is the first of this kind of jacket, which suits a broader public from military, work wear, outdoors/hunting, to casual. Features include a fully insulated outer jacket, 3 pockets (1 for each hand, and one lower back pocket to stock keys, wallet, etc.), olive green in color, soft shell outer material, water resistant, fleece lining in the collar and wrists, 3 heating panels – 2 in the front and one the back and a built in temp controller on left arm in between wrist and forearm

The cold weather is here!

It is currently snowing in Colorado, Nebraska and Minnesota. We are noticing some significant cooling around the country and we are starting to get more and more calls of where people can buy the Venture Heat product.  We are anticipating a short fall and a colder winter. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase your market the Venture product as people are searching for heated clothing online now. If you have any questions or need help please let me know. Good luck this season!

Now we’re talkin’…cold weather football

Football is here and there are plenty of NFL football games being played in cold weather stadiums. We have Ray Lewis leading the Baltimore Ravens against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. It’s sure to be cold there. The fans will be tailgating for hours for the pregame warmups.

There’s no reason to sit in the stands and freeze anymore. New from Venture Heated Clothing…introducing the Heated Seat Cushion. Powered by a 7.4 volt lithium ion battery each charge lasts 1.5 – 5 hours per charge. That’s enough for an entire football game. So when the Giants play Green bay at the frozen tundra called Lambeau Field you can keep your seat warm with a Venture Heat Seat Cushion, available in five colors including maroon and sports red