The Ultimate Carry On

BoneI can tell you first hand that this is the best bag for traveling on an airplane. The main compartment has so much room and the individual pockets make it so easy to use and access your important personal items. You don’t have to worry about shoving it in the overhead storage units because it will fit snugly under the seat in front of you. These bone or tobacco colored Kakadu Backpacks are available to ship today.


What do you look for in a backpack?

kakadu backpackI’ve had my Kakadu backpack for over eight years and I use it everyday. I love the many different pockets and the rugged look.

My Kakadu backpack owes me nothing. It has taken a lot of abuse and still holds up but I am replacing it with a new Kakadu backpack. These have not been available for quite some time so I was very pleased when I was able to grab a few for me and my customers.

One of the things about my old Kakadu backpack I noticed that needed repair was the canvas strap handle at the top of the bag. Lo and behold, Kakadu read my mind. The new Kakadu backpacks now come with a nice slice of leather trim sewn into the handle to add strength and reinforce the handle. I love the upgrade. Good job Kakadu!


One Kakadu Traders Tobacco Backpack Bag is on it’s way to Afghanistan

Probably one of the most popular backpacks I have ever seen and why not. The main compartment is so big you can stuff enough clothes for an overnight. The Kakadu Backpack is mostly popular for the tobacco color. People just love the way it looks.

It’s durable too! The leather straps and metal fasteners make this bag one that will last a long time. I love all of the pockets. I keep my keys in one pocket and my cell phone in the other. There is even an inner pocket for that secret stash.

Closeout sale!

Once they’re gone they are gone for good. The Kakadu Traders Satchel bag has been redesigned. The major difference between the old style satchel bag and the new style is the buckle. If you are a fan of the brass buckle then you need to jump on this sale. The new style satchel bag has snaps instead of buckles. Kakadu bags are still very popular and durable.

Makes a great tool bag

If you haven’t already seen it, let me show you. The Kakadu Traders Australia Doctor’s Bag. This canvas bag is rugged enough to be your tool bag also.  Easily transport the tools you use most into your Kakadu Doctors Bag. Don’t worry because these bags are built Kakadu tough with 18 ounce rhino canvas. Extra security pockets give you extra storage space. Kakadu bags are built to last!

Kakadu Saddle Bag

I love this picture. Some clever motorcycle rider thought of it and what a great idea. As a person who prefers motorcycle bags to not be made of plastic I think this is a great idea. You too can use a black Kakadu Backpack as a motorcycle saddle bag. They look great and are roomy enough carry everything you need to take with you on your next ride.

Why not explore Australia?

Kakadu Tours will take you where you want to go. Whether you may want a rugged style tour or a safari style tour, Kakadu Tours will be there with you. Explore the expanse of Kakadu National Park. Stuff your Mountainsmith backpack with a couple of days worth of supplies.

Climb to the top of waterfalls during the day and then sleep under the stars at night. You’ll never forget why you came.

Backpacks Have Suspension Systems, Really?

Yes in fact they do. For good reason also. Backpacks come in different sizes. The smaller bags are for kids and short daytrips while serious hikers like to take off for days on end and like to pack everything they own in one backpack.

Having a heavy backpack with a suspension system allows the weight to be dispersed evenly so as not to be too uncomfortable. Strapped on correctly and walking with the correct postur, you’ll hardly even know it’s there. There are many backpacks to choose from including those from Mountainsmith, Vaude and Alps Mountaineering.