Maine’s North Woods

outdoor clothingWith the spruce budworm epidemic of the late 1970’s and 80’s, and the advent of modern forestry, the commercial forestlands of the Maine North Woods has provided ideal habitat and space for moose. Throughout the 90’s, and continuing today, the global market for wood products and forest management practices had nurtured a moose population that has come to symbolize the North Maine Woods. Moose remain an attractive draw for hunters and wildlife watchers in Maine, and the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife continues to develop the tools, like the aerial surveys, to improve management of this iconic creature.

FOXPRO Shockwave Digital Game Call SW1

sounds_page_headerThe Foxpro Shockwave is different. It utilizes technology unlike any other game call. The growth and evolution of predator hunting has developed a predator hunter that demands more advanced features.The Shockwave Game call is the first unit ever to truly deliver to the hard core predator hunter and with it’s simplicity to use it’s also a great unit for the not so advanced predator hunter that’s wants to buy a unit that he can grow into.