In daylight, Viridian has the advantage

Without a doubt Viridian Green Laser has the edge over the common red laser sights. Only Viridian gives you reliable daytime visibility of your aiming points. Aim at your target quickly and accurately. Help prevent the need for lethal force. Use Viridian Green Lasers on your favorite weapons.

Where do you find quality tactical gear?

I don’t know about you but I go to the people at Condor Outdoors for my survival gear and tactical equipment. Condor Outdoors is the place to find quality outdoor tactical equipment at low prices. From the 3 day Assault Pack to the Summit Soft Shell jacket to the Lightweight Rip-Stop Tactical Pants, Condor Outdoors has you covered.

Is there something missing in your backpack?

Given the fact that some spotting scopes are so expensive, I would say it is possible that a spotting scope is missing. The problem is if you are trying to hunt the big game you want to see them before they see or smell you. Spotting scopes are great for improving your hunting techniques and skills as well as figuring out the game in your area. Combined with a game camera and trail camera a spotting scope will be a great tool to help you add to your trophy collection.

What is the Viridian advantage?

Is it just a different color? Viridian Green Laser is brighter, more accurate, and highly intimidating. Viridian Green Lasers are more than just a different color. They’re much brighter and much more visible than the traditional red. This is because green is closer to the middle of the visual spectrum than red. It’s easier for our eyes to perceive green. The red wavelength happens to reside very close to the edge of the visual spectrum towards infrared which is, of course, invisible to the human eye. In fact a green laser can appear as much as fifty times brighter than the red equivalent.

Great for target practicing

It used to be that you would have to set up your paper targets on a tree or stand, pace off your distance and fire away. Then you would have to walk back and forth while you adjust your sights and so on. Very time consuming. Not a great way to get a good session of target practicing in. Not anymore with Leupold spotting scopes. Just set up your target once and leave it until you’re done. You can also safely practice with others without walking onto the range while they are shooting.

Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence

The 2011 Shooting Industry Academy includes the C5L from Viridian Green Lasers. Every year the Shooting Industry Academy looks for companies and their products  to nominate for categories such as Accessory of the Year, Self-Defense Product, Hunting Product and Optic of the Year. Companies such as Leupold, Viridian Green Lasers and Bushnell. Viridian Green Lasers is proud of their C5L laser as the world’s only subcompact laser available. Many users prefer the green laser over the red because the green is easier to see during daylight hours.

Do you need an edge?

wm-350 no brandYou’re on your favorite golf course. The greens are fast and the rough is thick. Your best chance at a low score is to keep it in the fairway and stick the ball as close to the hole as possible. That’s tough enough to do by just pinching off a few blades of grass and tossing them in the air to get a feel of wind direction. Before your next round pick up one of our favorite Weatherhawk Wind Meters. Know if the breeze is coming in from the left or right and how strong before you make your next approach shot.

Spot Your Prey From A Distance

Using a spotting scope can make hunting so much easier. Spotting scopes are not that heavy. You can easily carry them around where ever you might go. The good news is that they are built for the outdoors. Most Leupold spotting scopes are anti-fog and waterproof.

Enjoy the higher level of magnification of a spotting scope. Mount it on a tripod. Bring all that nature offers right to your feet.

Green Lasers Are Sold Out

Who knew that these new laser sights from Viridian Green Laser were going to be so popular? Obviously a lot of hand gun owners did. They know that it is much easier to see the green laser during the day than it is to see the red laser.

Maybe you even caught the Viridian Green Laser on the CBS TV Show Numb3ers. It has also been a feature in many Guns & Gear publications. Check them out for yourself.

Get In To The Action

Baseball season is almost here. Spring training scrimmages are already under way. If you like going to spring training like I do you know how easy it is to get right up close to the players on the field.

However, it is not so easy during the regular season. Not everybody can afford the box seats on either the first or third base line. Some of us can only afford bleachers seats. If that’s the case it wouldn’t hurt to bring along your favorite pair of binoculars. Zoom in to home plate from just about anywhere and call your own balls and strikes.