Viridian has Smartlaser technology

Viridian Green Lasers are designed with the tactical personnel in mind. The green lasers offer the most versatility and functionality available on the market today. The Smartlaser technology includes four modes of operation. You can set your Viridian Green Laser to a constant beam, the low speed pulse (which is 5 pulses per second), the medium speed pulse ( which is 7 pulses per second) or the high speed pulse ( which is 10 pulses per second). Get the Viridian advantage!

Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence

The 2011 Shooting Industry Academy includes the C5L from Viridian Green Lasers. Every year the Shooting Industry Academy looks for companies and their products  to nominate for categories such as Accessory of the Year, Self-Defense Product, Hunting Product and Optic of the Year. Companies such as Leupold, Viridian Green Lasers and Bushnell. Viridian Green Lasers is proud of their C5L laser as the world’s only subcompact laser available. Many users prefer the green laser over the red because the green is easier to see during daylight hours.

The Ultimate Upgrade For Your Top Gun

You know you love the feel of your favorite handgun when it is in your hand. The satisfying feel, the reliability and solid quality. I’m sure you paid good money for the gun also. So why not upgrade your handgun with a Viridian Green Laser specific for that favorite gun of yours. These lasers are specifically designed for many different styled hand guns from Walther P22 to Smith & Wesson M&P to Ruger SR9.

The fit, finish and quality are a perfect match for your favorite handgun. Your gun will look beter, feel better and shoot better. What could be better than that?