Big surprise for bad guys

Introducing the leanest, brightest and tightest X5L ever. Ramped up to evaporate darkness, subdue opponents and optimize a full-sized pistol like nothing else. The wait is finally over and Viridian Green Laser is now shipping out the newest X5L Generation 2 lasers to you. Check them out today and see what the buzz is all about.

What is the Viridian advantage?

Is it just a different color? Viridian Green Laser is brighter, more accurate, and highly intimidating. Viridian Green Lasers are more than just a different color. They’re much brighter and much more visible than the traditional red. This is because green is closer to the middle of the visual spectrum than red. It’s easier for our eyes to perceive green. The red wavelength happens to reside very close to the edge of the visual spectrum towards infrared which is, of course, invisible to the human eye. In fact a green laser can appear as much as fifty times brighter than the red equivalent.