What’s on your top ten list?

When shopping for binoculars, more often than not you will see Nikon binoculars in the top ten. Why? Because they offer a quality product and a great value for your money. Nikon binoculars are easy to handle with their non-slip grip and very light weight to make carrying them all day a pleasure. At Lorsey.com we carry the complete line of Nikon, Steiner and Leupold binoculars. The models are changing constantly, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, drop us an email and we check availability for you. Often free shipping and instant rebates are available.

When you need to magnify

If you’re a budding photographer or hunter or you just happen to have a house with a nice view and you’re looking for something a little more powerful than an average pair of binoculars for spotting stuff way off in the distance, you might want to consider something called a spotting scope.  Spotting scopes come in a variety of magnifications but they generally start around 15 or 16 times to around 60 times magnification. Whereas if you compare to binoculars, which are generally in the 7 to 12 times magnification range. So remember when working with the higher magnification you should use a spotting scope tripod to keep your spotting scope steady.

Stargazing with binoculars

For years people have been fascinated with looking at the stars. Have you ever tried stargazing with a pair of Nikon binoculars? The best viewing time would be when the humidity is low and the sky is clear. Be aware that the moon is actually brighter than most stars and may be a distraction so it might be best to try viewing the stars when the moon is not so prominent.

You Can Never Be Too Close

We were at the hockey game the other night. It had been some time since I have been to the Fleet Center. I didn’t realize the seats were so far from the ice. It’s a good thing I brought my Nikon binoculars. I was able to see all the action in the corners and the close up views of the line changes. Hockey is a great game and even better when you can see up close.

For Those Who Love Birdwatching

Using binoculars for birdwatching can be easy and fun. You really need the close focus feature available from Nikon Binoculars to see all of the detailed markings on the birds. This is key to making an accurate identification.

Nikon Binoculars are waterproof and fog-proof also so they can be used in just about any weather. So on your next trip outdoors remember to bring your Nikon Binoculars so you don’t miss a thing.

Spot Your Prey From A Distance

Using a spotting scope can make hunting so much easier. Spotting scopes are not that heavy. You can easily carry them around where ever you might go. The good news is that they are built for the outdoors. Most Leupold spotting scopes are anti-fog and waterproof.

Enjoy the higher level of magnification of a spotting scope. Mount it on a tripod. Bring all that nature offers right to your feet.

Spring Is Almost Here

The snow is finally starting to melt. The ground is thawing out and it will soon be what us Mainers call “Mud Season”. As the ground starts to dry up the birds will be out scrounging for scraps to build their nests.

What variety of birds do you have in your backyard? Sometimes it’s hard to tell one from another because they are so far away. I find that by using my binoculars I can easily see the different markings that make each bird species so unique.

Get In To The Action

Baseball season is almost here. Spring training scrimmages are already under way. If you like going to spring training like I do you know how easy it is to get right up close to the players on the field.

However, it is not so easy during the regular season. Not everybody can afford the box seats on either the first or third base line. Some of us can only afford bleachers seats. If that’s the case it wouldn’t hurt to bring along your favorite pair of binoculars. Zoom in to home plate from just about anywhere and call your own balls and strikes.

Let’s get it on – NFL Playoffs

It’s finally here. The NFL’s playoff weekend is about to begin. Today we have Baltimore vs Pittsburgh and then Green Bay at Atlanta. Two terrific match ups.

I’d like to think Baltimore has a chance but I just don’t trust Joe Flacco at quarterback. Even though Pittsburgh is a little banged up, they are at home and they have a proven winner at quarterback. Look for Pittsburgh to win this one.

The NFC match up is a bit tougher. The Atlanta Falcons got very little air time this year. I can honestly say I haven’t seen them play except for the highlights on ESPN or the NFL Network. The Green Bay Packers almost beat the New England Patriots with their back up quarterback Matt Flynn.   That said I’m going with the home team.

If you happen to be one of the lucky fans who gets to go to one of these games, don’t miss any of the action . Bring your Nikon binoculars to get inside the huddle.

The NFL playoffs are almost here

The NFL playoffs are just around the corner. It looks like the New England Patriots are favored in the AFC and it’s still a toss up between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints in the NFC.

Do you plan on watching the game at home on your new 55″ flat screen LCD TV or are you one of the lucky ones going to the game? There’s nothing like the entire NFL experience starting with the tailgating party before the game. The only problem is sometimes the best seats are not always available. If you happen to be stuck in the nose bleed section, bring a pair of Leupold binoculars with you and never miss a play.