PL79071 Pulsar 805 Laser IR Flashlight

PL79071_IMG_access_1000If you are looking for a quality tactical flashlight, then look no further than the Pulsar 805 Laser IR Flashlight. This top-of-the line flashlight offers a high-powered IR (infrared) illuminator with smooth power adjustment. Perhaps the best feature of this flashlight is the incredible viewing range, with its variable beam taking you from spot-light to flood-light, even in the darkest of conditions. Users of this tactical flashlight have compared the powerful illumination it emits as bright sunlight even in the darkest of nights! It is the perfect tool for detailed night searches or night hunting.

The Pulsar 805 Laser IR Flashlight is attachable to any night vision device with a Weaver rail or 1/4 inch socket. It is compact and lightweight, comes with a carrying case, and has a low battery indicator. It uses 2 AA batteries and does not use power from night vision devices.

Whether you are Law Enforcement, Military, or a hunter, the Pulsar 805 Laser IR Flashlight is high-powered tactical flashlight that offers unsurpassed illumination capabilities with quality precision.