It’s not just another tee shirt

packin teeThe Ridge Outdoors Packin Tee is great this time of year. Pre-shrunk and made with 100% cotton, the Packin Tee is very comfortable. I love having the extra length also to make sure the shirt doesn’t come untucked. Having the Packin Tee tucked in is important while carrying because it helps keep my favorite weapon from flopping around while I move.

Even if you don’t carry, you can wear the Ridge Packin Tee under your shirt and stow your wallet or cell phone in one of the accessory pouches.

Foot comfort is most important on any hiking trip

Whether you plan to take an afternoon trek down to Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth ME or a two-week excursion down the Appalachian Trail, there is a hiking boot for you. You need to determine the type of hiking boot and features you need for your hiking activity.

I prefer the lightweight tactical boots and the Desert Storm hiking boots offered by Ridge Outdoors Footwear. Ridge Footwear s dependable, durable, versatile and comfortable. When it comes to dependable hiking boots, reliable climbing gear and rugged outdoor clothing and footwear it’s tough to outdo Ridge Outdoors.

Give our Packin’ Tee a shot!

At Ridge Outdoors and Ridge Footwear, they cover more than just your footwear needs. Check out the new Packin’ Tee. It’s the most versatile conceal weapon shirt on the market.  It offers two hook and loop pads on both sides of the body so that you can locate your holster on either side depending on which  hand you draw from.  Some of the key features of the shirt are starting at the top of the shoulder on both sides Ridge has added support all the way to the bottom of each pad to keep the shirt from sagging after a long day of carrying your weapon.  Ridge has also extended the length, made the shirts preshrunk and around the back added additional support that allows the shirt to stay firm on your shoulders as you are going through your day carrying your weapon.

Ridge offers three accessories for the Packin’ Tee.  The main accessory, of course, is your holster. Ridge offers the holsters in two sizes, small and large, so that you can carry 95% of the handguns on the market.  Ridge also offers a magazine pouch. This allows you to utilize the side of the shirt that you don’t use for your holster to carry a spare magazine just in case you might need that extra ammo. Ridge also offers an accessory pouch. This is just for anything you might need to carry such as money, badge, wallet, cell phone etc. Ridge offers the shirt and the accessories in two colors, white and black and sizes from small to XXXL. Give our Packin’ Tee a shot today.

Enjoy comfort and style while packin

Are you uncomfortable riding your motorcycle with your gun holster strapped to your hip? Are you tired of bulky, cumbersome holsters? At Ridge Outdoors, we have the solution for you…the Packin’ Tee.

Made with pre-shrunk 100% cotton, the Ridge Outdoors Packin Tee fits like an Under Armour tee shirt. The velcro-type holsters are repositionable for a quick and easy draw. If you can’t decide whether you need a small holster or large holster simply check out our FAQ page. I’m sure you will find your favorite gun model there. Join the thousands of other satisfied customers and purchase your Packin Tee today.

What size should I wear?

I get this question a lot when asked about the Ridge Outdoors Packin’ Tee concealment carry shirt. If you wear an XL then you should order an XL Packin Tee. These shirts are built from the ground up as a concealment t-shirt. They are built for a snug fit because that is necessary to keep your favorite weapon from flopping around on you.

How to choose hiking boots, part 1

If you’re an avid hiker, you already know that you don’t hike with your tennis shoes on. The hiking boots you’ll want to wear will all depend on the kind of hiking you will be doing. Are you going to be going fewer than eight miles on your next hike? Are you going to be going eight plus miles up to twenty five miles? Are you going to be carrying a heavy backpack?  These are all things to consider.

I don’t always go barefoot

It’s bad enough to have to wear dress shoes while at work. However when I’m at home hanging around the house or in the yard I love to go barefoot. Then when there are chores to do out back such as cutting trees down for firewood or just a simple scouting trip walking in the woods I like to wear my hiking boots. You can’t beat the protection on the feet with the leather boot and steel toes. My hiking boots are also great for when I take to the trails with my four wheeler.

Carrying without the bulk

Now that summer is here we are all wearing less clothing and lighter fabrics as well. The law enforcement personnel I’ve met are looking for ways to carry comfortably without the bulk. Summers are way too hot for leather holsters. That’s why Ridge Outdoors created the Packin Tee shirt. Ridge Outdoors is based in Florida so they know first hand how to deal with the heat. The Packin Tee is made with pre-shrunk 100% cotton.

Does The Shirt Need To Be Tight On Me?

At Ridge Outdoors they have come up with a very special concealment carry tee shirt called the Packin Tee. The compression fit style shirt is needed to keep the weapon in the place where it’s supposed to be.  Because of the reinforcement built into this shirt, it doesn’t need to be worn as tightly as other similar products, but you do not want to wear it loose, either.  Wearing it loosely will cause the weapon to sag, hang lower than normal, and bounce off your ribcage in a most annoying manner, so wearing the shirt snug is still a good idea