Crossbow Safety – Crossbow Arrow Nocks

Parker Crossbows have engineered the new patent pending crossbow capture nock. This is the nock that Parker requires to get the most performance, accuracy and maintain the most safety using your Parker Crossbow. Understanding now over the last ten to fifteen years Parker Crossbow velocity has increased dramatically, including Parkers arrow velocity. Now crossbows dimensions are getting much narrower and much smaller and much much faster with most models shooting over 300 feet per second. Recognizing that, Parker Crossbows has designed the capture nock. The capure nock by design fully encases or encaptures the string inside the throat and the ears of the nock and as the string and arrow move down the bow, the arrow and string move down the crossbow as one unit. That is important for Parker Crossbows to maximize performance, accuracy and safety.

How to aim and shoot your Parker Crossbow

Knowing how to aim and shoot your crossbow will give you the maximum amount of accuracy and performance you are looking for out of your Parker Crossbows. You want to start by addressing your target at 90 degrees to your body, basically shooting off of your side.  Point your hand to your target and draw your forehand back until your elbow touches your body. Put your tricep against your ribs and turn your hand up facing the sky. This effectively creates the “sandbag” or “the bench”. Next take your crossbow and place it on your hand. this is where your crossbow balances. Parker crossbows are designed to allow you to keep your trigger hand free and not needed to help keep your crossbow up in shooting position.

Hunting on a budget

Hunting season is here and you want to be out there just like everybody else but maybe you don’t have the money for a new crossbow. Not to worry. At we have a fantastic selection crossbows starting at $225.00. We carry brand names such as Parker Crossbows, PSE Crossbows and Tenpoint Technologies Crossbows. Ask us about our free shipping options or instant rebates for more savings.

Parker Crossbows – Hornet Extreme

The Hornet Extreme is a mid-priced high performance crossbow that combines classic styling with modern features. The Hornet Extreme features a 165 pound limb weight to achieve a stinging 315 feet per second performance. Designed and engineered to enhance your success in the field, the Hornet Extreme offers a lifetime warranty and made in America quality. The Hornet Extreme has been designed to be perfectly balanced in the shooters hands which contributes significantly to shooting comfort and accuracy. Visit for Parker crossbows and our entire selection of crossbows, some available with free shipping and instant rebates.

Compound Bow vs Crossbow

Or should I say vertical versus horizontal? There are two types of archery equipment. If you prefer the horizontal style, then you would go with the crossbows. If you prefer the vertical style then you would go with a compound bow. Either one has it’s advantages. Using a crossbow requires less practice and the new styles come with an auto-cocking device. Using a compound bow will allow you to get more shots off quicker.

Archery Centers are Great!

The fine art of using a bow and arrow are very popular but some people enjoy the crossbow even more. The crossbow makes it seem more like you are firing a rifle. Before you take your crossbow on your next hunt you should always hone your skills first by practicing on your home made targets or the ones they supply at your local archery center.