Is accuracy important to you?

wm-350 no brandHow important is accuracy to you? Knowing the wind speed and direction while you are at the range can make all the difference in the world. Whether you are practicing with your favorite compound bow or rifle, you don’t want the weather affecting your shot and not be able to do something about it. WeatherHawk wind meters will help you calculate crosswind, tailwind and headwind and is the wind meter of choice for weekend shooters and military snipers alike.

Have you tried kite boarding?

weatherhawk wm-200All you need to get started is any kind of landboard, a traction kite and plenty of open space. The tricky part is getting the kite overhead first. You may want to take a wind measurement using one of the many different WeatherHawk Wind Meters to get wind speed and direction. Kite boarding will be more fun because it is easier to learn, less expensive and you don’t have to worry about getting wet.

Do you need an edge?

wm-350 no brandYou’re on your favorite golf course. The greens are fast and the rough is thick. Your best chance at a low score is to keep it in the fairway and stick the ball as close to the hole as possible. That’s tough enough to do by just pinching off a few blades of grass and tossing them in the air to get a feel of wind direction. Before your next round pick up one of our favorite Weatherhawk Wind Meters. Know if the breeze is coming in from the left or right and how strong before you make your next approach shot.

Are You An Extreme Sporting Enthusiast?

wm-350 no brandHave you ever seen those hand held devices called Weatherhawk Wind Meters? They are so cool. Not only do they tell you wind speed and direction but they also can help determine future weather conditions. Just think of all the advantages.

Whether you are in competition sailing your catamaran or shooting your rifle, knowing wind speed and direction can give you a distinct advantage over your competition. The mountaineering folks that I have talked to wouldn’t be without one. On a mountain climb, storms can roll in so quickly. With a WeatherHawk Wind Meter, you will know far enough ahead of time so that you will be able to set up shelter and protect yourself from disaster.