Outdoor Safety Course

crossbowDo you need to take an outdoor safety course to obtain your license for firearms, archery, crossbow or trapping? Maine law requires completion to obtain your adult license unless you have previously done so or have held an adult license.

These courses are made available in your area by volunteer instructors certified by the Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. Pre-registration is requested and/or required. Courses will include 6 to 12 hours of instruction dependent on the subject. Sponsors include school districts, sports clubs, civic groups, and others. Courses will be scheduled based on instructor availability.

For course listings in Maine visit the website at mefishwildlife.com

Turn your arrows into lightning bolts

The folks at Parker Crossbows have really outdone themselves this time. No longer do you have to struggle with reloading your crossbow arrows. Introducing the the newest addition to the Parker Crossbow collection, the Concorde with quick-draw system. Cocking your crossbow is now as easy as pushing a button.   Think of the fun you’ll have sending bolts 300 plus feet per second.

At Lorsey.com we have a nice selection of crossbows to choose from including Horton, Parker, Excalibur and Barnett. Our bow selection features some of the highest quality bows manufactured today. I still have two Barnett Vengeance crossbow packages left. Get yours while deer hunting season is still here.

Deer hunting season is here

Lots of hunters like to walk through the woods. Others have their spots picked out for a blind or tree stand. Unless you are really quiet and walk softly without snapping any twigs, staying still is probably the best way to go. Let the deer come to you. Set yourself up in the higher terrain, wear warm camouflage clothing  and scour the area with your binoculars. At Lorsey.com we have what you need for your next deer hunt including Leupold binoculars, crossbow, hunting blinds and treestands.

Compound Bow vs Crossbow

Or should I say vertical versus horizontal? There are two types of archery equipment. If you prefer the horizontal style, then you would go with the crossbows. If you prefer the vertical style then you would go with a compound bow. Either one has it’s advantages. Using a crossbow requires less practice and the new styles come with an auto-cocking device. Using a compound bow will allow you to get more shots off quicker.