Cuddeback Attack Game Camera

The new Cuddeback Attack Game Camera has all kinds of new features. These cameras are designed to pick up motion from side to side and is very easy to set up. The four D batteries should last you an entire season. The Cuddeback Attack can hold between 100 and 200 images without an SD Card. At we have an extensive selection of game cameras including Moultrie Game Camera, Predator and Leupold.

Is there something missing in your backpack?

Given the fact that some spotting scopes are so expensive, I would say it is possible that a spotting scope is missing. The problem is if you are trying to hunt the big game you want to see them before they see or smell you. Spotting scopes are great for improving your hunting techniques and skills as well as figuring out the game in your area. Combined with a game camera and trail camera a spotting scope will be a great tool to help you add to your trophy collection.

Hunting Trail Camera has it’s advantages

Hunting trail cameras, otherwise known as game cameras have many advantages. The images you can obtain are of high quality and the information they will give you is invaluable. The old style flash game cameras are still used for their long range picture taking ability as well as quality night photos. However there are those that feel that the flash will scare the game from coming by that location. Setting up multiple game cameras will give you a visual record of how the animals use your place. Moultrie Game Camera, Cuddeback and Leupold are among many of the popular choices of game cameras found at our store

Great for target practicing

It used to be that you would have to set up your paper targets on a tree or stand, pace off your distance and fire away. Then you would have to walk back and forth while you adjust your sights and so on. Very time consuming. Not a great way to get a good session of target practicing in. Not anymore with Leupold spotting scopes. Just set up your target once and leave it until you’re done. You can also safely practice with others without walking onto the range while they are shooting.

We’d all like to call it home

Living in Maine gives us the opportunity to take day trips to some places you wouldn’t think of if you had to drive several hours to get there. Mount Vernon is one of those places we love to frequent. The town is located in the middle of the Belgrade Lakes region and has plenty of water nearby including Taylor Pond and Minnehonk Lake. Mostly Mount Vernon has been a farming community but it has always been a neighborly community as well. When you do go on those day trips don’t forget your binoculars, cameras and spotting scopes. You don’t want to miss a thing.