Is there something missing in your backpack?

Given the fact that some spotting scopes are so expensive, I would say it is possible that a spotting scope is missing. The problem is if you are trying to hunt the big game you want to see them before they see or smell you. Spotting scopes are great for improving your hunting techniques and skills as well as figuring out the game in your area. Combined with a game camera and trail camera a spotting scope will be a great tool to help you add to your trophy collection.

Hunting Trail Camera has it’s advantages

Hunting trail cameras, otherwise known as game cameras have many advantages. The images you can obtain are of high quality and the information they will give you is invaluable. The old style flash game cameras are still used for their long range picture taking ability as well as quality night photos. However there are those that feel that the flash will scare the game from coming by that location. Setting up multiple game cameras will give you a visual record of how the animals use your place. Moultrie Game Camera, Cuddeback and Leupold are among many of the popular choices of game cameras found at our store

Great for target practicing

It used to be that you would have to set up your paper targets on a tree or stand, pace off your distance and fire away. Then you would have to walk back and forth while you adjust your sights and so on. Very time consuming. Not a great way to get a good session of target practicing in. Not anymore with Leupold spotting scopes. Just set up your target once and leave it until you’re done. You can also safely practice with others without walking onto the range while they are shooting.

What are your friends doing while you sleep?

You know you have lots of friends.Some of them even come to visit you while you are sleeping. These are not the friends that drop in and say hi while they ask for a cup of flour. I’m talking about the friends that find the beet greens and broccoli in your garden very tasty. The best way to see who is visiting you is to mount a Moultrie Game Camera in your backyard. You’ll then be able to snap pictures of all your friends even while you sleep.

I never thought of this

Traditionally you would think of using a Moultrie Game Camera for scouting your favorite hunting places. Mount it to a tree near a field and take infrared photos of the many different animals that wander by at night. I never thought of using a game camera for keeping an eye on my bird feeder though. Just think of it. What if it’s not just birds that are eating the expensive seed? Maybe you have squirrels or a mouse raiding the food.  It’s still a good way to teach the grandchildren the different animal species.

Do you know what you’re missing?

Those that love the wildlife know how cool it is to be able to see pictures of what may be walking through the woods of ther backyard right from the comfort of their home computer.

That’s the bonus of owning a game camera from Moultrie Game Camera. These cameras are capable of both photos and video.

Set the camera up where you suspect there may be some wildlife traffic and then check on it later you’ll be amazed at what you see.

What Are You Missing?

I love this picture. There is just no way anybody could set this up. You would simply have to have your cameras turned on 24/7.

What are you missing in your backyard? How many different varieties of wildlife are living close by and you’ve never seen them. One way to make sure you don’t miss a thing is with an infrared motion activated game camera. These cameras take quality shots from 5 megapixel to 8 megapixel, even at night.