The Kakadu is here.

kakadu aviatorThe Kakadu is here. Time to suit up, mate. Sleek, rugged, and warm. Brought to your outback by Kakadu Traders Australia. We’ve been making Kakadu since 1972.The outer lining is soft, made with 100 percent cotton, so you won’t overheat, but inside its lined with nylon to regulate body temperature. An additional feature is a form of padding that I like to call body armor. Ya mate, you stay warmer while being protected from a kick to the midsection by a roo, or an angry co-worker! Seriously, no working man will deny that Kakadu has got you covered. And Kakadu is stylish. Mine is kangaroo brown with a black inner liner. Four zippers on the inside provide ample pocket space to tote essentials, everything from that big burger to a monkey wrench. A velcro patch on the inside opens up a large pouch allowing transport of those needed blueprints, or the daily newspaper. An exterior zipper at top left chest and two lower pockets on the left and right provide even more storage, making the Kakadu Aviator a utility jacket every person needs.

“NEW” Kong Trix Carbon Trekking Poles

These new trekking poles from Kong USA give you everything you need in a trekking pole to improve your climbing experience.trixcarbon01_big

Super light hiking pole, only 200g per piece!
Made of three telescopic segments with adjustment notches, maximum length 141 cm.
The first segment is made of carbon, the others are made of aluminum to ensure maximum lightness and bending / compression resistance.
Ergonomic ERGO foam handle and adjustable strap for a perfect grip in any situation.

Weight: 200 g
Length: 66-141cm
Tubes diameter: Ø 16/14/12mm
Material: Carbon/Alu
Handle: Ergo foam
Basket: small 54mm – large 87mm
Tip: Carbide

Men’s Canvas Western Jackets

kakadu jacket

kakadu jacket

By now you’ve heard about Kakadu Traders Australia and their line of men’s canvas western jackets. Their Gold Coast and Pilbara jackets are so popular we can’t keep them in stock. What you probably didn’t know is they produce a nice line of oilskin coats and jackets as well.

The oilskin canvas material dates back to the old lighthouse keeper days. They needed something to protect them from the wind and the rain. Kakadu’s oilskin canvas is not only waterproof and windproof but it is also fully breathable too.

The Ultimate Carry On

BoneI can tell you first hand that this is the best bag for traveling on an airplane. The main compartment has so much room and the individual pockets make it so easy to use and access your important personal items. You don’t have to worry about shoving it in the overhead storage units because it will fit snugly under the seat in front of you. These bone or tobacco colored Kakadu Backpacks are available to ship today.


Kakadu Southern Cross Shirt


The 12 ounce canvas mustard colored shirt by Kakadu Australia is now available to ship to you. All sizes from extra small to 3XL are available to ship today. It may be too hot to wear this heavy weighted shirt in the summer but you will want to jump on this opportunity to get this shirt now to have in the fall as an awesome over shirt. You will love the ample storage front pockets.


“NEW” Kong Target Canyon Harness

Canyoning harness that combines the comfort of a mountaineering harness with resistance and shape necessary for caving  and canyoning


You will love the comfort and design of this new Kong Harness. It’s a canyoning harness that combines the comfort of a mountaineering harness with resistance and shape necessary for caving  and canyoning.
Provided with special front attachment point that allows the fitting of a quick link to connect the chest ascender in a lower position – during the ascent phase, for each push you get 10/15 cm more.

Kong Rope Bag


The Kong Rope Bag 100 Backpack for carrying ropes and equipment with comfortable padded shoulder straps and hook for suspension.
It’s angled closing flap with ring for the suspension also ensures comfortable access to the contents of the bag.
Drawstring closure and rapid clip made of ultra-durable nylon.
Transparent side pocket for name plate label.
Interior pocket with zip for storing small tools.
Made of extremely durable PVC; reinforced bottom with slotted holes for breathability and handle for the emptying.
28 liters capacity, can hold a rope of 100 m.

Kong Ortis Descender device

kong ortis descenderAt we feature the Kong rescue equipment that can provide some valuable, new information to anyone who is just starting out doing recreational climbing. It is also a valuable source for volunteer firefighters and even for the common home owner. Preparing for an emergency situation is never a bad idea as it can possibly safe lives. House and forest fires can happen when you least expect it and should help take too long to arrive, having your own rescue equipment can be the difference between life and death and Kong rescue equipment ensures that you have great equipment available at hand.