Quadra Bazooka Gear Bag

Bazooka RedQuadra launched their company in 2009 with the idea of creating real, “all-season” expedition grade gear bags, accessories and equipment.  Products that would withstand anything the environment, your customers or their machines would throw at them. The result of all the hard work, prototyping, testing and refining are products that will easily withstand rain, snow, mud and dust and never allow the elements to get to your gear.
It doesn’t matter whether your customers own an ATV, UTV, Side by Side, Truck, Jeep or Motorcycle, Quadra has created products that will help them get outdoors, and stay outdoors longer, ultimately keeping their gear completely safe from the elements.

Introducing the Quadra Bazooka Gear Bag.

The Bazooka is very versatile.  It has been specifically created to fit on the rack of ATV’s, in the bed of UTV’s, or the rear cargo area of Jeeps and other off-road vehicles.

This bag was designed from the ground up to truly be a 4-Season Expedition grade gear bag system.  Rain, Snow, Mud and Dust are no match for this bag thanks to the engineering and technology built into the bag.

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